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Reveal Biosensors is pleased to introduce you to the world’s first Cellular Energy (CE) monitor that provides a new measurement of the oxygen supply at the cellular level to indicate if your body’s current need for oxygen is being adequately met.

​This simple to use, light-based sensor is conveniently worn on the upper arm where it is comfortable enough for use during sleep, and out of the way of activities during the day; with the information wirelessly recorded and displayed on a variety of smart devices.


​The source of the signal is similar to the light used by pulse oximeters to measure your blood oxygen level, and that Fitbit, Apple and others use as the source for PPG heart rate information. 


However, we discovered that the unused, non-pulsatile portions of the pulse oximeter light signals are actually very responsive to low oxygen supply in the cells of the skin. In fact, a recent clinical study showed that this new monitor is much more sensitive than pulse oximetry for detecting insufficient oxygen intake during sleep apnea and snoring. Similar oxygen intake-related stress also occurs when you exercise, when your heart or lungs are compromised, or when there is too little or too much oxygen in the air you are breathing.

Cellular hypoxia response from breathing nitrogen

Cellular hyperoxia response from breathing excess oxygen


Cellular response and adaptation during and

following an interval exercise session


Cellular response to fully restricted blood flow

to the arm, followed by sudden reperfusion


Cellular response during and following

a 3-hour commercial airline flight


Cellular low-oxygen responses uniquely detected during

obstructive and central sleep apnea events

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